About Me

My name is Simeon Burke and I live and work in the UK. Welcome to my blog; thank you for reading. Allow me to introduce myself and this website.

Who am I?

I was born in Wales, raised in Northern Ireland, Fiji and Chicago (USA). The question of belonging, identity and rootedness is an important one to me and one that I will explore in this blog. I feel a deep affinity to each part of the British Isles. I am “pan-British”, having lived in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and, more recently, England. 

I recently completed my doctorate at the University of Edinburgh in early Christianity. My thesis told the story of how and why two early Christians—Tertullian and Origen—went about reading Jesus’s words in context. Before that, I studied history and New Testament at the University of St Andrews and Christ’s College, University of Cambridge.

My second love is politics and culture, particularly where this intersects with faith. I first became interested in the relationship between politics and religion at an early age. Having grown up in Northern Ireland, Fiji and the US—all countries in which politics and religion have interacted in rather explosive ways—I was acutely aware of the potential perils of mentioning God and Caesar in the same breath. I simultaneously became interested in exploring more impactful, constructive and effective ways of engaging in these conversations. These early, formative experiences ignited my interest and continue to drive my quest to write and think about the place of faith in the public square. I put these passions into action as a voluntary case worker at Scottish parliament (2016) and then as Research Assistant at Theos think tank (March-Sept 2019).

Why am I writing? 

This blog is an attempt to record, develop and test my thoughts which mainly cluster around the two big things that animate my life: (1) Christianity and the church (2) politics and culture.

As an historian by training, my skills and interests lie in the ways that past thinkers have discussed and continue to talk about religion, politics and the good life. More specifically, I am passionate about the role history might play in raising fresh questions about our current political moment and enlivening and resourcing contemporary debates surrounding the place of religion in society.

Social Media

Twitter: I tweet at @simeonrburke

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesaeculum

Some Groundrules

All views expressed are my own. I welcome engagement from all. I only ask that you show me the same courtesy which I have shown you by naming yourself.