Bible Reading Week 10 (Feb 7th -13th, 2022)

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Old Testament: Exodus 14-20; New Testament: Matthew 16:13-20:34

List of Questions

  1. Exodus 14: 4, 14, 17-18: What does it mean for God to get glory for himself over/through Pharoah?
  2. Exodus 14:31: What does this say about Moses’s role and status? (see also the role God gives Moses in vv 15-16 and 19:9)
  3. Exodus 15:17: What is the mountain and sanctuary mentioned in this verse?
  4. Exodus 18:2-3: What does it mean that Moses sent away his wife and children? And why did he do this? 
  5. Exodus 19:5: Is the treasured status of the people based on keeping the covenant?
  6. Exodus 19:10: What’s the significance/purpose of washing clothes?
  7. Exodus 19:13: Why is it only when a ram’s horn blast sounds that the people can approach the mountain?
  8. Exodus 19:14: What does it mean for Moses to consecrate the people?
  9. Exodus 20:5-6: What do these verses say about God’s mercy and justice?
  10. Exodus 20:12: Why does honouring of parents have the blessing of living long in the land attached to it?
  11. Matthew 16:19: what is meant by the keys and binding and loosing?
  12. Matthew 16:20 (see also 17:9): why this secret?
  13. Matthew 16:24-28: how are these important verses linked to what comes before?
  14. Matthew 17:4: why does Peter say this?
  15. Matthew 17:20: So is the failure to perform this miracle due to lack of faith?
  16. Matthew 17:24-27: what do these verses say about Jesus’s relationship to tax and the Roman empire? How might these verses shape a political theology? 
  17. Matthew 18:7: What is the world here and the one through whom stumbling blocks come?
  18. Matthew 18:11: What does this say about angels?
  19. Matthew 18:17: What is the church/ekklesia at this point? Is this not harsh on pagans and tax collectors? How does this square with the fact that Jesus spent time with them?
  20. Matthew 18:18: This was said of Peter before (16:19). What does it mean?
  21. Matthew 19:1-3: Do the Pharisees like to test Jesus when he has performed healings? Is this significant and if so, how/why?
  22. Matthew 19:11-12: What do these classifications mean?
  23. Matthew 19:18: Does Jesus prioritise these commandments?
  24. Matthew 19:28: What are the twelve thrones for the 12 disciples? 
  25. Matthew 20:21: Is the question of James and John’s mother asked on the basis of 19:28 (she had heard about this promise and wanted her sons to have the prized places)?  

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash