The Psalter in Song: An Anthology of Sung Versions of the Psalms

I recall reading somewhere (it might have been in Spurgeon, or perhaps someone else) that the Psalms are not merely to be read but sung. The Lord, Mark’s Gospel tells us, sang a song with his disciples before he went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Church traditions (and Jewish traditions to this day) throughout the ages have sung versions of the Psalms in their liturgies.

The sung version of the Psalms I grew up with were from Church of Scotland Minister Ian White. My parents took Ian White LPs and tapes with them when they worked overseas in Nigeria and played them often at home when my brother and I were growing up. When I read certain Psalms now, I hear Ian White’s renditions of them. Singing the Psalms has meant that the words have become embedded in my memory.

I have since expanded my list of sung versions of the Psalms, though I come back to Ian White’s version frequently. I compile and share this list of some of the Psalms which are dear to me and which, when I read I them, immediately recall sung versions. Some of the versions are choral, some are contemporary, some are old hymns. Some, like CH Lloyd’s Psalm 137 I only heard this year around the time of the remembrance of the Shoah. I hope to add to the list over time. Please feel free to add your favourites in the comments.

Without further ado…


Ps 1: Ian White

Ps 2: While the Nations Rage (Rich Mullins)

Ps 3: Ian White

Ps 8: How Majestic is Thy Name (Keith Green)

Ps 14: Ian White

Ps 16: Beh├╝te mich Gott

Ps 23: The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want Jonathan Veira (Stuart Townend); The King of Love My Shepherd Is (St Columba); The Lord is My Shepherd (Keith Green); Rich Mullins

Ps 27: Taize

Ps 32: Ian White

Ps 34: Through all the Changing Scenes of Life (N Brady / N Tate, Wiltshire); O Taste and See (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

Ps 37: O Rest in the Lord (Mendelssohn)

Ps 42: As Hairts Full Fant (Elizabeth Melville)

Ps 51: Miserere Mei, Deus (Allegri); White as Snow (Jon Foreman); Create in me a Clean Heart (Keith Green)

Ps 63: O God, you are my God alone (John Bell)

Ps 73: One Thing (Rich Mullins)

Ps 95: O Come Let Us Sing Unto The Lord (Boyce); Sons of Korah

P6 96: Ian White; Alan Gray; O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness (Monsell)

Ps 100: The Old Hundredth (Scottish Metrical Psalter)

Ps 103: Vineyard (The Lord is Gracious); Matt Redman (Bless the Lord O My Soul); Taize

Ps 107: You Have Redeemed My Soul (Waterdeep)

Ps 113: Sing Your Praise to the Lord (Rich Mullins)

Ps 122: Ian White

Ps 123: Ian White

Ps 124: Ian White

Ps 126: Molly Parden; Ian White

Ps 131: Ian White; O Lord, My Heart is not Proud (Margaret Rizza)

Ps 134: Ian White

Ps 137: CH Lloyd; By the Rivers of Babylon (Boney M)

Ps 138: Ian White

Ps 139: Ian White; Nothing is Beyond You (Rich Mullins)

Ps 143: Ian White

Ps 144: Ian White

Ps 147: Ian White

Ps 150: Praise Ye the Lord (Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir); Every Hour (Kanye West, feat. Sunday Service Choir)

Image Credit: Marc Chagall, David and his Harp, 1956 (Public Domain)

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